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Recent articles that passed across my monitor:

On the subject of when and what to test, Derick Bailey’s post, On Testing “Trivial Code,” spawned further reading from Jimmy Bogard (When should you test?) and Uncle Bob (The pragmatics of TDD.)  For the record, I lean more toward Uncle Bob’s pragmatism and Jimmy said it best, “It Depends.”

I’ve been at for a year now where I manage a great team of developers and work to grow the culture of quality.  Therefore, only a small fraction of my time is spent actually writing code anymore.  I found this article by Diana Larsen and James Shore thought provoking: Your Path through Agile Fluency.

Visual code coverage tools

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(I’ve been quiet a few months, but not for lack of topics, and I have kept notes.  There may be a sudden blast of posts as I catch up.)

Such a simple concept.  Automated tests and code coverage analysis are not new concepts by any stretch, but there are still enough developers out there not doing it that it still warrants the mention.

So, you spend a few hours writing a new service class.  It’s nice.  There are about a dozen new tests covering it, all passing.  It feels good.  But are you sure you got it all?  A quick glance at a screen like this will show the holes:

The code is blurred for property protection, but you can clearly see that purple line highlighting no test coverage.  I’m not trying to advertise anything here, but I used dotCover and I like it.

If you aren’t using inexpensive tools to increase the speed and quality of your development, you should be.