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Upgraded to Windows 8.1, what am I installing?

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I have been running Windows 8.1 Preview since it was released. It is a nice improvement over the original version. Of course, with the upgrade to the official release, I have to reinstall all of my apps since I was running preview. So, I will use this post to document the software I install. I’m sure I will be updating this list a few times over the next couple of weeks. And I’ll reference it when my new laptop arrives mid-November.

Office 365
Visual Studio 2013
Resharper 8
SQL Server 2012
(Skydrive already installed)

Via Chocolatey:

Thanks, LinkedIn, but no thanks

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LinkedIn has been really pushing their new premium service. I have not subscribed, mostly because it is not a trivial amount of money, but a lot of recruiters have because I am now getting pounded with requests from recruiters. Part of me is flattered. I work hard and I think my career says that.

However, my volume of email just took a measurable tick upward and that is not helpful, LinkedIn.

I also try hard to keep my connections list in LinkedIn true, i.e. each person is someone I know and at least had some meaningful discussions. So, with the last request from a recruiter that I politely declined, I unchecked all of the boxes only to discover I had just added this person as a new connection. Very sneaky, LinkedIn, and I deleted that connection.

I did find that I can request people not contact me about new jobs. I even attached a nice message. Time will tell if this helps and I will be marking future recruiting communications as inappropriate.

I am dissatisfied, LinkedIn.